Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Symposium on Auditory EEG/MEG Signal Processing (AESoP) - save the date!

We are pleased to announce the first edition of the Auditory EEG Signal Processing (AESoP) symposium, to be held from May 21 (noon) to May 23 (noon) in Leuven, Belgium. We aim to bridge the gap between the existing auditory neuroscience and engineering conferences.

The topic of the symposium is research on hearing, speech and language, making use of novel EEG or MEG signal processing. It is intended to be multidisciplinary between neuroscience, audiology and engineering, bringing people from these fields together.

The symposium is organised by the Leuven team and supported by the steering committee:

Tom Francart
KU Leuven (BE) 
Jan Wouters
KU Leuven (BE)

Jonathan Simon
Jonathan Simon
U. of Maryland (USA)
Edmund C. Lalor, Ph.D.
Ed Lalor
U. of Rochester (USA)
Alain de Cheveigné
Andrew Dimitrijevic
Sunnybrook Research Institute (CA)

Apart from talks by the steering committee members, so far confirmed speakers are:

Lucas Parra
Stefan Debener
U. of Oldenburg (DE)
Alexander Bertrand
KU Leuven (BE) 
Dante Mantini
KU Leuven (BE)

Malcolm Slaney
Google Research (USA)
Michael X Cohen
Radbour U. (NL)

More information on the programme, abstract submission, and registration will follow soon on our website: http://www.kuleuven.be/exporl/aesop.php

During the 3-day symposium there will be opportunities to discover and taste the beautiful historic city of Leuven, known as "the mecca of books and beer".

Photo credit: visitflanders.com

Looking forward to meeting you in Leuven in May!

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