Monday, 7 November 2016

Busy October at ExpORL

Besides bringing Halloween vibes, October was a very busy month at ExpORL. Here is a summary of the most important events from the last few weeks.

50th Anniversary of the LAW Program + Prof. Manders Retirement

On Saturday, October 8th we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Speech Language and Audiology Sciencies (Logopedisch en Audiologie Wetenschappen in Dutch, LAW). It was a great event that brought together all the people that have contributed to our program. We are very happy we were able to celebrate such occasion with a great audience.

Here it is to 50 years more of forming competent speech therapists and audiologists compromised with improving people's lives!

Furthermore, we also honored the retirement of Prof. Eric Manders. After a brilliant trajectory and active participation in the LAW program, he will be missed. 

(Photo credits: Maaike Van Eeckhoutte)

New doctors!

Two members of our lab successfully defended their PhD projects! On October 19, Ellen Van Den Heuvel presented her thesis "Pragmatic Language Skills in Chilcren with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrom and Williams Syndrome". On October 27, Robert Luke presented his thesis "Supra-Threshold Electrical Evoked Auditory Steady-State Responses in Cochlear Implant Users". Both of them did an amazing job.

Congratulations to Dr. Van Den Heuvel and Dr. Luke!

Contact Information
Ellen Van Den Heuvel 
Robert Luke

Research seminars

At last but not least, Sam Denys, Jonas Vanthornhout, Charlotte Vercammen, and Anouk Sangen presented their Research Seminar. They showed their work so far and were positively evaluated by their corresponding Thesis Advisory Committees. Good job!

Contact Information
Sam Denys
Jonas Vanthornhout
Charlotte Vercammen
Anouk Sangen 

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