Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Maud Lobel wins the Research Student Abstract Competition

Last Thursday, April 20, Maud Lobel was the proud winner of the "Research Student Abstract Competition". Under the supervision of her promotors Lien Decruy and Tom Francart, Maud developed her work with the title "Effect van Listening effort op een objectieve maat voor spraakverstaan".
Congratulations to her and her supervisors! Fantastic job!

Photo credit: Lien Decruy


Thursday, 30 March 2017

Special Olympics!

Yesterday, three of our very own ExpORL members volunteered for the Healthy Hearing program, which is part of the 2017 National Games of the Special Olympics Belgium (FB page). They made use of their expertise by screening tenths of participants.
If you are interested in volunteering for the next time, don't hesitate to contact the Special Olympics staff! Fantastic experience.

From left to right: Maaike Van Eeckhoutte, Dimitar Spirrov, and Annelies Devesse. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

ExpORL Kicks into 2017 at the SPIN Workshop

First of all, happy 2017 to all of our readers!

To begin this year with the right foot, ExpORL had an active participation at the 9th Speech in Noise (SPIN) Workshop, which took place in Oldenburg, Germany, between the 5th and 6th of January. The objective of this meeting is to "bring together young investigators and senior faculty from several European hearing-research groups to stimulate networking, discussion of research topics, and scientific collaboration in the field of speech and hearing research".

ExpORL had a fantastic participation in it. Astrid van Wieringen gave a talk regarding auditory processing and speech perception in the aging auditory system. Furthermore, Annelies Devesse and Lien Decruy presented their work in the poster sessions, both of which had positive feedback and interesting Q&A sessions.

Here it is to a great year full of science!

Photo credits: Annelies Devesse, Sam Denys, Tine Goossens

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Monday, 28 November 2016

ExpORL at ARCHES 2016 Meeting + ICanHear Conference

For the last 9 years, ARCHES has been a great platform for scientists and researchers in Europe dedicated to audiology to present their work, network with other partners, and discuss new ideas. Last week, the ARCHES 2016 Meeting took place in Zurich, Switzerland.

Furthermore, it was directly connected with the ICanHear Conference at the same venue. ICanHear is a project part of the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme. It successfully funded PhDs and postdocs and, sadly, will be coming to an end next December. 

ExpORL had an active participation in both of them. Jan Wouters provided an overall talk of the work done here at the lab. Invited talks by Benjamin Dieudonne and Tilde Van Hirtum had positive feedback and interesting Q&A sessions. ICanHear fellows Andreas Prokopiou (now at Warwick, UK), Robert Luke (now at Melbourne, Australia), Dimitar Spirrov, and Arturo Moncada-Torres presented posters with their most recent work, having good discussions among the attendants.

We would like to thank the organizing committee for such great conferences!

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Convert PDF presentations to PowerPoint PPT

At some conferences, presentations in PDF format (e.g. from a Markdown/Pandoc/Latex toochain) are not accepted. As it seems that everybody has standardized on Powerpoint, I've uploaded a small script that converts slides from PDF to Powerpoint to GitHub. Quite amazing what 30 lines of shell together with Ghostscript and LibreOffice can do.

PS: I tried to produce PPTX files directly. Don't ask.

Gerrit, Jenkins and git submodules

In our lab, we use git repositories hosted with Gerrit and Jenkins as a CI system. When working with git submodules, a change in a submodule is most often associated with a change in the super project. When pushing both of them to Gerrit with
cd submodule
git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
cd ..
git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
the build fails on Jenkins because it is not able to find the used submodule revision in the downloaded data for the submodule.

The reason boils down to git fetch only downloading refs/heads/*, while the uncommitted changes in Gerrit are at refs/changes/*

No reason to despair though, because you can actually tell git fetch to download all kinds of refs:
git submodule foreach git config \ 
  remote.origin.fetch "+refs/changes/*:refs/remotes/origin/changes/*"
git config \
  remote.origin.fetch "+refs/changes/*:refs/remotes/origin/changes/*"
git fetch 
git submodule update
Now, all changes from Gerrit are available locally.

For Jenkins, disabling the internal submodule handling and adding the following lines to the build scripts is good enough:
git submodule update --force --init --remote
git submodule foreach git config --replace-all \
  remote.origin.fetch "+refs/changes/*:refs/remotes/origin/changes/*" "changes"
git submodule foreach git fetch
git submodule update
Because the git log output can become a bit overwhelming with all the refs, using an alias with the following parameters results in a reduced log with only the refs that are actually included in a branch
log --graph --decorate --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit  --exclude=*/changes/* --all
You can still get a log with all refs by manually adding another --all at the end.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Invitation Seminar Tobias Busch - 18 January 2017

  Bekijk de webversie  
KU Leuven
Invitation Holy Hour
ExpORL, Dept. Neurosciences

Auditory environment and language development of children with cochlear implants

Tobias Busch

Research Seminar in framework of doctoral education


Wednesday, 18 January 2017, 15h00-17h00


Seminar room HP2 (04.227)
O&N II - KU Leuven
Herestraat 49
B-3000 Leuven

Please reply to this email if you are planning to attend the presentation.