Thursday, 18 January 2018

Auditory EEG Signal Processing (AESoP) Symposium


We are very happy to confirm the first edition of the Auditory EEG Signal Processing (AESoP) symposium, to be held from May 21 (noon) to May 23 (noon) in Leuven, Belgium. We aim to bridge the gap between the existing auditory neuroscience and engineering conferences.


The topic of the symposium is research on hearing, speech and language, making use of novel EEG or MEG signal processing. It is intended to be multidisciplinary between neuroscience, audiology and engineering, bringing people from these fields together.


  • January 10: registration + abstract submission opens
  • March 1st: abstract submission deadline
  • May 1: registration deadline (or whenever the maximum number of participants is reached, whatever happens first)
  • May 21 - 23: symposium


  • Monday, May 21st
    • 12:00 h Lunch (included)
    • 13:30 h Start of the symposium
  • Tuesday, May 22nd
    • 9:00 h Start of the symposium
    • 12:00 h Lunch (included)
    • 17:00 h Social activity (optional; to be defined, but likely brewery-related)
    • 19:00 h Diner (optional)
  • Wednesday, May 23th
    • 9:00 h Start of the symposium
    • 12:00 h Lunch (included)
    • 14:00 h Closing of the symposium

(The exact times are still subject to change)

Steering Committee

Tom Francart
KU Leuven (BE) 
Jan Wouters
KU Leuven (BE)

Jonathan Simon
Jonathan Simon
U. of Maryland (USA)
Edmund C. Lalor, Ph.D.
Ed Lalor
U. of Rochester (USA)
Alain de Cheveigné
Andrew Dimitrijevic
Sunnybrook Research Institute (CA)

Invited Speakers

  • Pamela Abshire (University of Maryland, USA)
  • Alexander Bertrand (KU Leuven, Belgium),
  • Malcolm Slaney (Google Research, California, USA)
  • Jonathan Simon (University of Maryland, USA)
  • Lucas Parra (CCNY, New York, USA),
  • Dante Mantini (KU Leuven, Belgium),
  • Ed Lalor (University of Rochester, NY, USA)
  • Preben Kidmose (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Molly Henry (University of Western Ontario, Canada)
  • Mounya Elhilali (Johns Hopkins, MD, USA)
  • Andrew Dimitrijevic (Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Canada)
  • Alain de Cheveigné (CNRS, France)
  • Stefan Debener (University of Oldenburg, Germany),
  • Michael X Cohen (Radboud University, Netherlands),
  • Robert Oostenveld  (Radboud University, Netherlands)

Travel Information

Brussels airport is situated 25 km from Leuven.

The easiest and fastest way to reach the center of Leuven is by train. A direct train will bring you to Leuven in just 15 minutes and costs about 10 . You can buy a ticket in the train station or online.

To reach the congress location from Leuven railway station, take bus 616 in the direction of Zaventem (about 10 minutes) or bus 2 in the direction of Heverlee (about 25 minutes), and get off at stop "Heverlee Kantineplein".

Alternatively, bus 616 can bring you directly from the airport to the congress location at campus Arenberg. Get off at stop "Heverlee Kantineplein".  This trip takes about 1 hour.

A bus ticket, valid for 60 minutes, costs 3  and can be bought on the bus (or cheaper from a machine or shop).

If you come by car, it is easiest to park across the street, at the other side of the Celestijnenlaan, next to the building of ‘Departement Werktuigkunde’ (department of mechanical engineering).

If you stay in Leuven city, you can reach the congress location by bus (see above), or if the weather is nice, we recommend the 3 km scenic walk through the bequinage and park (3km, <40 min, see map below):


You can also check AirBnB or any other usual booking sites.


We are grateful to our sponsors for helping us reduce the cost of the symposium

Contact information

Feel free to check the official symposium website or get in contact with us (ExpORL).

Looking forward to meeting you in Leuven in May!

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